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all about domesticated fowl ...

"Gallus gallus domesticus, or the organic vessel in which an embryo begins to develop?"

Linnaeus may well have asked that question, while classifying domesticated fowl way back in 1758. But, our goal isn't to answer whether it was the chicken or the egg that came first: Gallus gallus domesticus dot com hopes, instead, to help you quickly find the best answers to all those many more important questions you might have.

Google's great. But, a search for "chicken" offers everything from a new compiler for the scheme programming language to Kentucky Fried Chicken. And, soon? They'll be listing us among those results found when searching for them ... who has the time to sift through 549,000,000 results? But, you're gonna have to be patient, 'cause it's gonna take us quite a bit longer than 0.14 seconds to find and organize what you wanna know.

So, bookmark page, unless you have a better memory for Latin than the rest of us, and check back in from time to time: This egg's just hatched out of the incubator, but we'll be out of the brooder soon.

In the Meantime ...

Gallus gallus domesticus is one of my more 'bird-brained' domains, along with guineas.us & doves.me, and I have just a *few* more … ok … about fifty more.

But, you can find me on BackYardChickens, where I've found many warm/friendly/helpful folks.

If you have useful/accurate informations to share, or wish to help out, then please all about it (once we're all feathered up, we'll need it ~'-)

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